Snapshot of Blue Mail email

Email App Review: Blue Mail App

Snapshot of Blue Mail email

If you’re on the hunt for an email client to help manage your business and personal correspondence, you might have heard about the Blue Mail App!

Since we’re experts in all things communications tech, we thought it best to explore everything that Blue Mail has to offer to give you the answers to questions like:

  • What can Blue Mail do?
  • What sets Blue Mail apart from other email services? 
  • How much does Blue Mail cost?

In this article, we’ll do our best to give you a clear picture of where Blue Mail sits among the available email services and whether it may be the right choice for you. 

Let’s dive in!

What Is Blue Mail App?

Blue Mail App is a hybrid email communications app that helps bridge the gap between chat and email, making it easier than ever for teams to collaborate and communicate with one another. 

It includes an email inbox, a chat feature, generative AI features for summarizing and crafting responses, a messaging bridge to facilitate discussion, and plenty more features that help you to get the most out of this intuitive and people-centered email app!

What’s more, the app works on every operating system widely available, including Windows, IOS, Linux, Android, and macOS

This makes it a highy reliable choice for teams working across platforms and with a range of different devices. 

Blue Mail App Features

Blue Mail App offers a range of impressive features to make it a very accessible and useable app for emailing and managing messages.

Generative AI Support

Based on customized Chat GPT open source code, the app offers generative AI that helps you craft well-written emails for sending and summarizes the messages in your inbox day to day to keep you on top of your busy workload!

Message Bridge

Messaging Bridge is a secure platform that assigns anonymous email addresses to people who are communicating directly with you. 

This means that you can have consistent conversations with the same person at the same anonymous address, without sharing any of your personal information or receiving any of theirs. This is great for customers who want to offer feedback. 

Robust Security

Blue Mail has robust and secure privacy settings that keep all of your data safe and sound. It also uses digital signatures and end-to-end encryption to create a near-impenetrable security layer. 

Integrated Calendar

Blue Mail’s calendar is always kept synced with your plans and messages and is easily accessible to keep you up-to-date! 

Task Boards

Blue Mail App includes an innovative system for managing your time and ranking your need to respond to messages sent to you. 

The Blue Mail taskboard ranks your emails and allocates time for you to come back and address them. You can mark the emails yourself to control when you see them again.

Another great feature is the Later Board, which stores all of the important emails that aren’t urgent. 

Blue Mail reframes these emails as tasks, which you can go back to and carry out when you have the time.

This means no more digging through your inbox to find those emails you know you need to deal with, but can’t remember when they came from! 

Blue Mail App Pricing 

Blue Mail offers three distinct pricing tiers. 

The free tier gives you access to all of Blue Mail’s basic features, allowing you to email, message, use task boards, and everything else you need to stay in communication.

For $5 a month, you can access Blue Mail Plus, which gives you generative AI, themes, and priority support. 

Further, the Plus tier also includes access to lab features and gives you a desktop email backup. 

At $12 a month, Blue Mail’s Business Pro tier gives you a full corporate dashboard, video conferencing capabilities, and integration with a multitude of other apps. 

Blue Mail App Pros and Cons

Blue Mail is considered an attractive, intuitive, and effective email service, with a lot of great applications. 

The AI feature is particularly useful for keeping you on top of your messages, and the easy integration between email and instant messaging allows your team to stay connected and in touch at all times! The other great feature which we were really impressed by is the task board and later boards. These features actually collect and display your messages in a clear visual layout so that you can really take stock of what you need to do and take action. It works a lot better than sifting through your inbox for forgotten messages or using an awkward color-coded filing system that quickly loses relevance over time. 

A drawback, however, is that while the free version of Blue Mail is all well and good, the app only shines at the Plus level or above. This tier gives you access to things like the AI system and desktop backups, which are themselves huge draws of the program. While $5 is not a major sum, it is still a shame that these unique and effective features have been paywalled. As such, you’ll need to take that into account when comparing it with your current email service! There are also some quality-of-life features that Blue Mail doesn’t have. For example, it struggles to wake up after your PC goes to sleep, and it doesn’t have a native spell checker. 

What Users Say About Blue Mail App 

Here are some of the comments that users of the Blue Mail App have made on various websites:

“I had been a user of Thunderbird for years and it sopped working for some reason. I searched for something that would give me as close to Thunderbird as possible and BlueMail seemed to be the answer. I am pretty much pleased with my choice. I just wish it was a little faster in its functions and offered a spellchecker.”

“Overall the app gets 100/100, not only a great app, but the support is very helpful and responsive. We used the free version and switched to the paid one.”

“Message window does not open in it’s own window like you would expect. This is a single window product so using with multiple monitors is not an option. That was how it worked when I tried it, maybe they’ve changed that, I did complain about it to them.”

“Bluemail is a simple yet powerful email client. It has a user-friendly interface and many customizable options for managing emails efficiently.”

“On Windows, the app is massively buggy, slow, a massive CPU and resource hog, and hangs several times a day. Support is nonexistent since they do not respond to emails.”

The Verdict On Blue Mail App: Is It Worth It?

Blue Mail has its supporters and its detractors, but most people understand that the program fits a valuable niche and does at least a good job of it! If you’re looking for a way to manage team email accounts for a collaborative workplace or combine multiple inboxes into one accessible location, Blue Mail could be the best choice for you.

However, the many features of Blue Mail don’t change the fact that it is essentially still an email inbox. If your current email service is working well and you are comfortable with it, there’s no reason to switch over!