Snapshot of Onmail Email App

Email App Review: Onmail Email App (for Mobile)

Emailing is a vital facet of every business, whether we like it or not!

Many emailing platforms and apps come with typical communication features, but they hardly consider the interests of their consumers. 

Have you ever wished that your emailing hub was more tailored to your needs, preferences, and professional taste?

Whether you’re a seasoned business expert or just a proponent of email, you would not be alone in these grievances!

Introducing: Onmail. 

At the intersection of professionalism and first-class style, your emailing experience is bound to change for the better. 

Onmail is a terrific platform for many reasons, which will be discussed in this article. 

We’ll explore the features of Onmail, how it’s set apart from other emailing services, and the experience of others who regularly use the platform for their day-to-day emailing activities. Let’s begin!

What Is Onmail?

Onmail is an email platform created by Edison Mail that comes with a plethora of features. You can feel free to download the app or use the service through your preferred browser.

Onmail’s sleek user interface and simple design are a major reason why the platform has been featured on TechCrunch, The Verge, and Protocol! 

This award-winning service is new on the scene and is consistently providing updates in response to user requests. 

Onmail Email App Features

You can combine your existing email account with Onmail, or start a brand new account through the platform. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to access all of the features offered by Onmail. 

Safety and Confidentiality

To begin, Onmail prioritizes safety and confidentiality by blocking ad tracking and spying. 

This platform incorporates anti-spam and phishing approaches to maximize your safety while emailing.

Total Control 

Next, Onmail empowers its users to stop unwanted emails from infiltrating their inboxes. Getting rid of emails that don’t serve you can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Yours to Curate

Onmail is notorious for allowing its users to personalize their mailing experience. For example, Onmail supports custom workflows that balance productivity and enjoyability.

Also, you’ll be able to make an email address that’s suited to your business or online persona. 

After all, everyone knows how difficult it has previously been to upgrade an old childhood email address to a more professional one!

Onmail Email App Pricing 

Onmail supports three pricing tiers of user experience. 

In the free version, you’re entitled to 100 GB of storage and can import your third-party accounts. 

If you decide to get Personal, you’ll get all of the free features, as well as password-protected file links and custom domain support. 

Lastly, with the Professional plan, you’re entitled to all of the features of the previous two plus branded file transfer pages, custom file transfer URLs, and additional domain users! 

Onmail Email App Pros and Cons

Now, let’s review Onmail as a contemporary emailing service. How does it compare to all others like it? To accomplish this review, a pro and con list has been made for Onmail. Take a look:


👍 Classy interface

👍 Smart features

👍 Protection and confidentiality

👍 Integration with current email provider.


👎 Deviates from standard email

👎 Password-protected files are premium. 

What Users Say About Onmail Email App

Onmail is well-liked by the tech and business communities overall. TechRadar gives this emailing platform a 4.5/5, citing its usability and pricing as strong points. 

Additionally, Onmail does not have any specific hardware requirements for download – which is a bonus! 

Other users say that Onmail is constantly making improvements and feels good to use. 

Onmail is revered for its look and features, especially its prioritization of safe emailing experiences. 

The only drawback is that this service has not be adopted by many people or organizations, which limits its scope. 

The Verdict On Onmail Email App: Is It Worth It?

Onmail is a great platform for small businesses or everyday emailers. As this service is adopted, it may become more suitable for big companies!

However, it never hurts to try a new emailing platform, as many of the current offerings do not satisfy the needs of consumers. 

Whether you decide to subscribe to the Onmail experience or stick with another platform, we wish you luck on all emailing endeavors!