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Email App Review: Clean Email 

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If you’re anything like the rest of us, you might find your email inbox is a little out of control. It’s easy to let unread and unwanted emails build up to the point where your inbox is showing hundreds of notifications and taking up tons of storage space. 

Enter Clean Email – an app that aims to make email organization easy and simple. But does it do everything it claims, and is it worth the price tag? Let’s take a closer look.

We cover:

  • What Clean Email is and how it works
  • Features of Clean Email
  • Cost of the Clean Email app
  • Pros and cons of the app
  • Real user reviews
  • Our verdict of Clean Email.

Let’s get into it!

What Is Clean Email?

Clean Email is an app designed to solve a problem many people have nowadays: a messy, overloaded inbox. It offers organization solutions that make your inbox far more manageable, including Smart Folders which organizes all your emails into easy-to-review groups. It also offers suggestions for how to organize your inbox, and also makes unsubscribing from unwanted emails easier, so you can control what comes into your inbox in the first place!

It helps you save time and stay organized – with fewer emails clogging up your inbox, you are far less likely to miss anything important, and you’ll feel way less stressed. You don’t need to worry about getting a new email address – Clean email supports all devices and email providers, so you won’t need to make any changes. It can be used for work, home, and school email accounts, and is also super secure, so there are no privacy or security concerns. 

Clean Email App Features

Clean email has a whole suite of features designed to make email organization easy. This includes:

  • Quick Clean tool: This tool automatically combines emails, making it super easy to delete or archive them. It’s the ideal way to begin tackling your disorganized inbox for the first time
  • Create predefined filters: Offers predefined filters called Sart Views, which sort and clean all your emails easily
  • Groups email easily: Instead of going through your emails one by one, Clean email makes grouping them a breeze, so you can divide your emails based on criteria like sender, subject, date, or size
  • Differentiates between senders: The filter system makes it easy to differentiate between emails sent by a real person and those sent from automated mailing lists
  • Privacy Guard: The Privacy Guard lets you know if your data has been breached, so you can easily protect yourself
  • Easy unsubscribe and block: The unsubscriber tool makes it easy to instantly unsubscribe from unwanted emails, and will block email addresses that don’t honor the unsubscribe request
  • Auto Clean: Once you’ve organized your inbox you can easily maintain your organization by automating tasks. Have emails automatically moved to certain folders to make dealing with them easier!
  • Regular Summaries: Clean Email sends regular summaries of its auto-clean activities so you can be sure you never miss anything
  • Easy integration: Integrates with all email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook
  • Designed to be private and secure: Created with security in mind, email data is encrypted and is not available to anyone at Clean email. The algorithms only analyze headers and subject lines, never email content. 

Clean Email App Pricing 

Pricing becomes more affordable the more accounts you purchase at once, so it’s a good idea to band together with family and friends to purchase accounts together!

If you’re not sure, you can try it for free – they don’t charge anything to clean your first 1000 emails. 

Their current pricing is as follows:

  • For one account: $9.99 if you sign up monthly or $29.99 yearly
  • For five accounts: $19.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly
  • For 10 accounts: $29.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly

Clean Email App Pros and Cons

Your view of the app will depend on your preferences and what you want to use it for. Let’s have a look at the main pros and cons:


👍 Easy clutter reduction: Clean Email makes your emails manageable by dividing them into groups

👍 Predefined filters: These allow you to sort your emails by whatever criteria you like, making cleanup easy

👍 Easy unsubscribing: Instantly unsubscribe from unwanted emails and block email addresses that don’t have unsubscribe options

👍 Automatically maintain mailbox cleanliness: The Auto clean function lets you maintain your organized inbox with little extra effort

👍 Private and secure: Clean Email has no way to access your message contents and alerts you to potential data breaches

👍 Versatile: Clean email works well with any device or email provider

👍 Good reviews: The app has good user reviews, particularly from iOS users.


👎 The free version is very limited: The free version only lasts for 1000 emails, after which you have to pay for a plan

👎 Cost: Some users find the monthly cost too high to be worthwhile

👎 Bulk discounts require multiple accounts: to take advantage of the bulk discounts, you need to coordinate with multiple other people, making this an option that is only suitable for businesses

👎 Filter issues: Some users have reported issues with the filters not working as well as they like to filter out spam

👎 Customer service concerns: Some users find that customer support is slow to respond to issues.

What Users Say About Clean Email App 

The Clean email app has a range of reviews from different users, with some loving the product and other users having issues.  Users on the Apple store had overwhelmingly positive things to say about the app, with a 4.4-star rating overall. 

One user gave the app five stars, calling it ‘well worth the price of subscribing’. They found it to be flexible and intuitive to use and found the customer service to be excellent.  Another IOS user gave the app only two stars, saying they were disappointed that spam was still making its way to their inbox. Another user claimed Clean Email was the best email organization app out there, and stated they had used Chuck, Unroll Me, and Edison Mail but found Clean Email to be by far the best!

When it came to users of the Android app, reviews were generally less glowing with a 3.1-star average.  One user gave the App five stars, stating it was very easy to clean email accounts, and that they recommended giving the free demonstration a go to see how well it worked.  Another user gave the app only 1 star and stated that they didn’t think it was worth the price tag, saying they were struggling to use it and were denied a refund.  Another user gave the app 3 stars, stating that it works well to clean emails, but the free version is too limited and the subscription fee is far too high. 

The Verdict On Clean Email App: Is It Worth It?

Clean Email is best for people whose private or business email accounts are out of control, with large volumes of emails. 

It’s the ideal solution for those who are inundated with emails and who don’t mind paying to fix the problem. 

For very budget-conscious people, this app may not be ideal as the free version has limited functionality. Overall, it’s a great way to manage your inbox and save you time and energy, as long as you’re happy to pay the monthly fee.